Characteristic little villages, abbeys, mansions, castles, churches, squares, landscapesTo visit near Bagnolo Piemonte

Piazza San Pietro con Torre Campanaria a Bagnolo Piemonte

Our characteristic town

You must see the historic centre with the central square S. Pietro, where stands solitary and majestic the church tower, of romanesque art of the year one thousand, and then readjusted in gothic style in the 14th century; the parish church of Saint Peter in Chains, in neo-gothic style, built in only 18 months between 1893 and 1894.

Municipality of Villar Bagnolo

In the municipality of Villar: the Castle located in a strategic position with a great view over the surrounding plains and mountains, was built in the 11th century; inside the castle there are frescoes of the 13th – 14th century. The underlying Palace Malingri: residence of the local masters, which until 1400 belonged to the old feudal village, has undergone significant changes between 1600 and 1700. It is surrounded by a big park with ancient trees of hornbeam and a rich collection of azaleas, rhododendron and hydrangea. Always in the municipality of Villar, there is Prà ‘d Mill, an old farm settlement (already mentioned in the 16th century), owned by the Malingri’s. There, from a few years, stands the monastery ‘Dominus Tecum’, composed by two groups of buildings built and parly restored by the architects Momo and Oreglia d’Isola, using local materials: wood and stone. Going up towards Montoso you can see the Sanctuary of Madonna della Neve, built between 1858 and 1862, replacing a chapel, whose origins refer to a miracolous event.

castello del Villar Bagnolo Piemonte
santuario dell assunta a Montoso

Montoso - a scenic rooftop of the Alps

From the municipality of Villar, going along the provincial road, you reach Montoso, a touristic village born at the end of the 50’s, which grew in the years after especially in the 70’s, thanks also to the construction of the ski resorts in Rucas. The history of Montoso is especially linked to the period of political Resistance. After 8th September 1943 these places were the headquarters of important partisans bases. On the summit, in fact, next to the stone cross erected in 1930 it was built a monument to remember the 300 who died for the freedom of Bagnolo and of the neighboring towns. In Montoso there is also the Sanctuary of the Assunta, an example of modern architecture made in local stone, which was built between 1963 and 1967 by the architects Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Oreglia d’Isola.

Not only Bagnolo Piemonte, but Cuneo and Turin too.Places to visit between Cuneo and Turin

Antica certosa del Montebracco di Barge


The old certosa (monastery)
of Montebracco.

Revello Abbazia di Santa Maria di Staffarda


The millenary Abbey of Staffarda and the Natural History Museum of the Po Park.

Balma Boves a Sanfront


The village museum
of Balma Boves.

Saluzzo Cattedrale di Maria Vergine Assunta


The historical and architectural witnesses of the ancient Marquisate, the cathedral of 1500.

Casa Cavassa saluzzo


The Casa Cavassa Museum and the various itineraries in the historical centre among palaces and churches.

cosa visitare a ostana


Examples of
alpine architecture.

Val Pellice

Pellice Valley

Known for the religious presence of waldens with its historical places and museums.



The Natural Park of the Rocca, the Abbey of Santa Maria and the Museum Caburrum.



The historical centre with the palaces linked to the Acaja.

Pinerolo Piazza Cavour


The place of the Cavalry and the Iron Mask.

colline delle Langhe

The langhe

Known for the typical wines and food with the city of Alba and the numerous castles.

olimpiadi Torino_2006

The Olympic mountains

With ski resorts for the different winter sports and the summer hiking trails. The centre with beautiful architectural palaces, churches and squares.

the city center with the artistic palaces, churches and squares.Turin

Chiesa San Tommaso Torino
Mole antonelliana Torino
Torino parco del Valentino
Torino Piazza San Carlo