Agritourism ‘Ai Prüsot’: wood and stone, traditions and new development that mix together to offer the tourist a warm and welcoming environment.

Located on the hills of Bagnolo Piemonte, at the foot of Montoso, there is ‘Serra’, a place that thanks to its position exposed to the sun, has its roots of the human presence to far away times. Traces of the past can be seen today in some old housing, in the area where we can see signs of manual work and in rare species of old fruit plants.
Apples, pears and plums, together with wine grapes, chestnuts and mushrooms in the highest part and some cereals, have been for centuries, the main sources that the land of ‘Serra’ has offered to its people and they still are, even if in lower quantity.
It is precisely for a local variety of small pears that derives the name ‘Prüsot’, with whom, for a long time, we can identify the village, perhaps the biggest: ‘Serra’.
Here, from a rural housing, which belongs from hundreds of years to the Albertengo family, the Agritourism ‘Ai Prüsot’ was born: where wood and stone, traditions and new developments mix together in order to offer to the tourist a warm and welcoming environment in a tipical mountain atmosphere.
In the agritourism, strawberries and chestnuts are grown and it is possible to stay in three bedrooms with bed & breakfast service.

vecchia abitazione rurale bagnolo piemonte

The old rural housing of the Albertengo’s

nuovo agriturismo bagnolo piemonte

The welcoming agritourism ‘Ai Prüsot’

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